Floorify rigid vinyl floors combine the best of both worlds: the warm appearance of parquet flooring or the sleek look of concrete with the ultimate ease of use. Including extra strength and water resistance.

Floorify floors are shock and stain-resistant.

With an extra thick protective layer, an innovative top layer with anti-stain technology and the unique Floorify Rigid Core for a stable,

strong and solid core.

Floorify floors are water resistant. Not just a bit, completely.

Let your living space, bathroom and bedroom seamlessly merge into one another: Floorify is at home everywhere

The smart combination of the sound-absorbing Floorify floor and Comfort underlay creates a wonderfully soft flooring and an acoustic layer

Floorify floors are thin. Very thin. Just 4.5mm. That’s ideal for renovation and perfect for underfloor heating or cooling. An extra plus: thanks to the minimal height you can easily keep existing doors. That’s a bonus

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