Wool has several unique features that makes it a perfect choice for carpet. Wool has excellent durability and is a luxurious high quality Material. The naturally wonderful material is extremely abundant. Wool is Soft underfoot and when blended with synthetic fibres the wools durability is increased. Wool can be dyed easily allowing us to have rich & lavish colours. Trade Carpet have a huge selection of 100% New Wool carpets to 80/20 Wool Blends. Take a look at our Fantastic Range of Wool Carpets.

Comfort - Soft and Warm - Wool acts as an insulator improving the heat retention and energy efficiency. Wool carpet is luxurious underfoot and adds warmth to the home. 

Peace and quiet -  Wool carpet absorbs sounds and cushions the home against echo and room to room noise transfer.

Practical - Strong & resillent - The Natural crimp of wool offers valuable 'bounce-back' so that pile compression is resisted and the effects of tracking and shading are reduced

Easy Care - Wool is a natural fibre that has an inbuilt resistance to soiling due to its natural oils and its outer surface of microscopic scales and as a result additional anti-soil treatments are not necessary.

Safety - Fire Retardent - Wool is naturally fire resistant, has a slow ignition rate and test show that it is self extinguishing within seconds. It meets many safety regulations without additional treatments and is favoured in contract locations for this reason.

Fall Friendly - Carpet cushions and provides a softer floor which helps protect against serious injury when falling.

Eco/Enviromental - Natural and Sustainable - Wool is 100% natural and fully sustainable. As shearing is a necessary part of animal husbandry every year there is a fresh supply of wool availiable for the carpet manufacturing industry. Biodegradable - Wool fibre is biodegradable in soil and will produce nitrogen, sulphur, carbon dioxide and water which are all plant nutrients.