Trade Carpet London Ltd Terms & Conditions

Please check the details of your order and if you have any queries with this order, please
raise these immediately with the store in which you have purchased your flooring from.

Deposit payments of 50% can be made to get the goods on order and the final 50% Balance is
required 48hours in advance before fitting can commence. Please allow sufficient time for
BAC’s payments to clear.

We endeavour to meet any collection, Delivery and Installation dates quoted to you.
However, we do not guarantee such dates and will not be liable for any loss or damage you
suffer due to circumstances beyond our control.


The British Standard Institute tolerance on the width of a carpet is + or - 1.25%.

Any claim outside this tolerance in width or length can be considered for inspection.

Pile Pressure

all pile carpets, especially plains, are liable to shading. This shows through as light and dark patches similar to water marks, arising from unequal crushing of the pile. This is inherent in all pile carpets. Manufacturers cannot be held responsible as this is a natural occurrence and not a fault.

LVT Flooring

When installing LVT's every effort is taken to achieve the best possible finish, but please be aware that upon completion of the installation, some visual imperfections may be apparent in certain lights or where the original subfloor dictates. This is a characteristic of the flooring and will not effect your product warranty or be detrimental to the wear and tear. Access adhesives on the surface of the flooring is unavoidable, recommended cleaners are available via the manufactures sites.


Colour matching must be stated if required at the time of ordering otherwise no claim can be accepted.

Retention of Goods

Goods delivered do not become the property of the consumer until the balance payment has been made according with our terms & conditions and the Sale of Goods Act 1979.


All prices quoted include VAT and will be charged at the rate in effect at time of purchase.

Terms of Payment

Payment for all goods must be paid and cleared prior to delivery of goods and collection of goods.

Before we arrive on site please ensure that the following is carried out:
Ensure that no other trades are working in the area where the new floors are to be installed. Any delays to our work will result in extra charges.
Secure any loose, broken, or squeaky floorboards before we arrive.
Our fitters will not fix these.

If other contractors provide the subfloor and it (plywood/ screed etc) is not or has
not been installed to the standard required to fit the floorcovering – as decided upon
by our expert installers – then the installation may have to be delayed and the
customer charged cancellation fees and additional subfloor preparation fees

The installation could then be delayed until we are able to reschedule further dates to provide the
works. This can result in significant delays to the works being completed.
The customer accepts full responsibility for the additional costs and delays to these works that
incorrect subfloor preparation causes.

Confirm that adequate off-street parking is available for our vehicles (or you can provide a
residential parking permit- We do not arrange parking permits) If not then there will be an
additional charge of £30.00 + VAT per day to cover these costs and administration.
Please ensure that your underfloor heating is turned off at least 48 hours prior to
the fitting and remains off for another 48 hours consequent to the installation.

Inform us immediately if you are aware of loose wiring and cables under your existing floor.
covering, as our surveyor cannot always tell, and we may not be able to install your new floor
until you have made arrangements to have these re-routed at your own expense.
Ensure that any cables and pipes are not set above the recommended depth of 40mm. We
only use up to a maximum 18mm pins to secure so we cannot be held responsible for any
subsequent damage

This estimate assumes that the sub floor (which we cannot fully inspect due to existing floor
coverings) will be suitable to lay to. However, if after removing the existing floor coverings
we find the sub floor needs further preparation this may be chargeable.
Furthermore, Trade Carpet London Ltd accepts no responsibility nor liability for the customer’s
subfloor being unsuitable for installation. In such a situation, no refund is due, and it is entirely
the customer’s responsibility to have the subfloor prepared suitably for the installation
contractually agreed between the client and Trade Carpet London Ltd.
Please be aware that when carpet is laid as runners on an open tread staircase, the
underlay will be visible when viewed from the side.
Whilst every care is taken when bolstering carpet down against the edge of skirting some
marking is possible and we recommend that if these are newly painted you retain some of
the paint for touching up afterwards.


Deliveries are to the pavement only unless otherwise specified. Timed calls are approximate only. Although every effort is made to execute orders promptly, the company cannot accept liability arising from delays.


Cancellations and alterations cannot be accepted once the material has been cut. Cancellations will not be accepted unless in writing. Specials which are made to order cannot be cancelled once production has been started.

Damage, Fault or Lost Goods

All claims must be made as soon as they are apparent as failure to do so may result in a loss of claim.

Claims And Returns

A) All goods must be checked prior to cutting. Claims may not be accepted if goods are 

    cut or fitted. Complaints arising from poor fitting cannot be accepted.

B) Claims cannot be inspected until an official claims form has been completed and 

     faxed back.

C) Goods cannot be returned without the consent of the manufacturer.

D) Any goods sold with prior knowledge of faults cannot be considered for complaint.

E) Any cost incurred due to the replacing of faulty goods will not be accepted for claim.

F) If goods require replacing claims will only be honoured up to the cost of the original